Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

by Jenny Colgan

Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery is such a great book and a solid strong book 2 in the series. I had read book 1 Little Beach Street Bakery when it first came out so I re-read it to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. While I think you could probably read this without ever having read book 1 there are some references and just back history that makes reading this one easier. Overall I think I really liked Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery better than the first. This book makes me want to book a flight and spend the summer in a charming little Cornish town. Polly is such a likable character and one you want to be friends with. She has a lot going for her: she is running and living her dream of having a bakery, her boyfriend Huckle is so sweet and great, and she has a pet Puffin! A pet puffin, oh my gosh how cute is that! Jenny Colgan writes books that are so enjoyable. She creates a visual world that you can just see as you read the pages. The characters are very well developed and you really get to know them through out this book and the series. Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery and Little Beach Street Bakery are perfect additions to your summer reading. These books are fun, light hearted easy reading. There is some romance and drama sprinkled with humor and a bit of intrigue.

summary: Content with her life on a tiny island off the southern coast of England, bakery owner Polly juggles a business-threatening rivalry, her boyfriend’s secrets, and the arrival of a newcomer, a widow seeking a fresh start who forces Polly to reconsider her life choices.

thank you William Morrow Paperbacks for sending me a copy to read and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book.