25 Sense

by Lisa Henthorn 

Claire did more at 25 than I’ve done in my 46 years on earth. She is an adventurous, spontaneous girl that leaps first than ask questions. While this book probably wasn’t meant for a 46 year old who lived at home till she was married, has never had a fling with a taken man or lived alone in the big city that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I was really surprised by this little book. It is a quick read and yes Claire had me shaken my head at times but I still enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. For many it will be like a trip to the past, for others it will be a look into what it would be like to take more leaps and live life more carefree and in the moment. Truly that just isn’t my personality but I love reading it in a character. Lisa Henthorn did a great job with the character development and describing the life of Claire and gang. One really cool feature was the social media blurb at the beginning of each chapter. I think it was for twitter but that I guess kinda dates the book in a way since I’m not sure if 20 somethings even use twitter? The chapters are numbered in cents and that was fun to figure out, yes sadly it took me to chapter 4 to figure that out. I know I know I was a bit disappointed that it took that long to figure out that fun little tidbit. 25 Sense is great for a day at the pool, beach, or even just lounging on the deck with a iced tea and soaking up some reading time. I would recommend this to my friends and think that it would appeal to a wide reading demographic. 

summary: Claire Malone didn t mean for this to happen when she moved to New York. She just wanted to live the city life and gain experience in television writing, her dream career. It s not like she meant to reciprocate when her married boss, Sean Vared, sent her flirty e-mails. And you can t blame her for coming into the office on the weekend when Sean told her he was going to be there . . . alone. She didn t mean to sleep with him but hey, she wanted to experience the city life, so no big deal, right? Wrong. By the time Claire wakes up on her 25th birthday, she s very much in love with Sean. At work, she struggles to hold it together when he passes her desk the very desk that they used to make love on. Soon Sean has turned his affection to the show s starring actress, and Claire is devastated. Can she break away from Sean without ruining her barely started career? Will someone find out what happened? Will she ever grow up and stop making stupid mistakes? 25 Sense is about the time in a young woman s life when the world starts to view her as a responsible adult but all she feels is lost.”

thank you BookSpark Summer Reading Challenge, Lisa Henthorn and SparkPress for allowing me to read 25 Sense. All thought and opinions are my own and not influenced by the free book.