Between Sisters

by Cathy Kelly

Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly


Between Sisters takes place in Dublin Ireland and I was hooked and knew I had to read this the minute I saw this. I love all things Ireland and so I thought for sure I would be whisked away to dreamy Ireland. Between Sisters is a first book for me by Cathy Kelly and it is what I would describe as sweet chick lit. You get the feel good moments and the happy endings that are always in these type of books. While the story moved a bit slow and at times I felt like maybe I was jumping into the middle of a series and was a bit lost.  Overall I enjoyed this book and finished the book thinking that it was a sweet story. I will look for other books by Cathy Kelly and when I’m in the mood for something sweet and sentimental she would be the author to grab and read.

summary: Meet the women of Delaney Gardens, a bustling suburban village in the outer reaches of Dublin.

There’s Cassie, who’s spent her married life doing everything right for her children, husband, and mother-in-law, yet feels so exhausted that “wine o’clock” comes a littler earlier each afternoon.

There’s her sister Coco, who runs a vintage dress shop, but has avoided the complications of romantic commitment.

Watching over them is their grandmother Pearl, who, despite caring deeply for her family, is contending with a long-buried secret.

And then there’s Elsa, the polished face of daytime TV, who’s triumphed over demons before, but is now facing her toughest battle yet.

At every crossroad these women face, readers are taken deeper into the heart of what it means to be a family.

thank you Grand Central Publishing for sending my a copy of Between Sister to read. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the free book.