The Kept Woman

I’m going to try a new way to review my books so I hope you like the format.  I found this format on a booktuber’s youtube channel that I watch and thought it was a good way to review.

By Karin Slaughter




The author of Pretty Girls returns with an electrifying, emotionally complex thriller that plunges its fascinating protagonist into the darkest depths of a mystery that just might destroy him.





First thoughts:

I thought it was good and read like so many of the crime drama’s I love watching on tv. The book was fast paced, non stop and a fast read that kept me second guessing my thoughts and predictions. I will be checking out more of the Will Trent series.


There are many characters in The Kept Woman and probably in the rest of the books also. Each character is well developed and has their own back story that comes into play at times during The Kept Woman. I liked that the girls were strong kick butt and didn’t back down to the men. Will Trent the main character is likable and probably one of my favorites. and really I liked most of the characters.

Plot and Writing:

Karin Slaughters writing is very smooth and easy to read. I can’t believe this is the first book I’ve read by her. Her books are my type of books and I will have to check out the rest. The plot of The Kept Woman was a tough one to tackle you got assault, runaway teens, drugs, shady dealings  and so much more that police and FBI see on a day to day basis. For this book you have the local police working the GBI on a murder investigation that involves a few retired cops and some very shady dealings. Yes I learned some major bombshells about characters I just meet. So in that way the series is a bit spoiled for me. However that won’t stop me from reading the series.

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts are I liked this book and became a fan of Karin Slaughter. While The Kept Woman is not a stand alone and should be read in order I don’t feel cheated for skipping ahead and reading this one first. I would recommend this book to any reader who enjoys crime/FBI drama. Overall I would give this book a solid 3.75 stars. Yes I know you can only give 3.5. I gave this book a bit more because while I was new to the series the author did a great job and not making me feel totally lost and confused.

thank you BookSpark Fall Reading Challenge, Karin Slaughter and William Morrow for allowing me to read this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the free book.