The Absence of Evelyn

by Jackie Townsend



This one was a bit slower read for me, I’m usually a fast reader and love lots of thrills and action. This one took me quite a while to finish. It just wasn’t clicking with me but it wasn’t a bad book. I did like it just felt the story was not as full as I was hoping. I wanted to know more about the characters and about how they all tied into Evelyn. While this might not have been a win for me my friend borrowed it and loved it saying this was a story she got fully vested in. Just goes to show you what one person likes to read might not be another one’s cup of tea as they say.

I was invested enough to see it to the end and wanted to know how it all turned out. This one for me would fall into the woman’s fiction category. If you’re looking for a book mainly about women characters and how their lives are all entwined this is the book for you.

summary: Newly divorced Rhonda, haunted by her sister Evelyn’s ghost, travels to an old palazzo in Rome to confront Marco, the man who stole her sister’s heart–only to find out he’s vanished in the wake of Evelyn’s death. Meanwhile, Rhonda’s nineteen-year-old daughter Olivia, adopted by Rhonda at birth, travels to the mysterious and lush waters of northern Vietnam, where she’s been summoned by the missing Marco–a man she only knows from her parents’ whispers, a man she has never met or seen. Soon, truths are exposed and lives unraveled, and the real journey begins. Four lives in all, spanning three continents, are now bound together in an unfathomable way–and they tell a powerful story about love in all its incarnations, filial and amorous, healing and destructive.

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