Advent 2016

Advent season is almost here and I love Advent so much. There is something magical about the whole holiday season. This year I get to really immerse myself into Advent with 2 wonderful little booklets: Scared Reading For Advent and Christmas 2016-2017  and The Living Gospel Daily Devotions for Advent 2016. It’s been a few years since I’ve had copies, our church use to provide us with copies if we wanted them, but with budget cuts they have stopped these little perks. Ave Maria Press was so kind to send me a wonderful box full of all kinds of Catholic books and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Sacred Reading For Advent and Christmas 2016 – 2017 by Apostleship of Prayer (the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network) Douglas Leonard




This little booklet that fits in the back of your pocket and is very lightweight is divided into 5 sections: First Week of Advent – Second Week of Advent – Third Week of Advent – Fourth Week of Advent – and lastly – The Christmas Season through Epiphany

Each entry is dated so you know exactly which one to read on the right date. The Get to Know God is present with you and ready to converse is a bit of an introduction to what you are getting ready to read.  Next is Read the Gospel with the bible passage you are to read – you can read it from this little book or read it from your bible. They make it easy to just need this book but I know many like to read and journal from the bible highlighting passages that mean the most. Notice what you think and feel as you read the Gospel reminds me of when our priest gives his take on what we just heard at mass. It is a great way to put the bible passage into a context that we understand a bit better. Pray as you are led for yourself and others is just that a prayer to pray that day. It is a start and then says to continue in your own words. That helps make this more personal for each reader. Listen to Jesus helps you listen to Jesus and what Jesus is saying and wants us to feel in our hearts. It ends a question asking the reader what Jesus is saying to them. Lastly Ask God how to show you how to live today this is the last step in this private prayer time but is a great point to really let the reader see just how God is with us at all times.

The Living Gospel Daily Devotions for Advent 2016 by Ann M Garrido




I really like both of the booklets Ave Maria Press sent me but I really think this one is my favorite. They are both small, lightweight and fit in the back of your pocket. I just really like the setup and it just seems to be a perfect fit for my bible time. This one does end on Christmas Day The Nativity of the Lord so it doesn’t continue on till the Epiphany.

Each entry is labeled like the other Advent book making it easy to know where to start and where you are for the day. For this one the first thing the author wants you to do for each daily entry is to : Be Silent. Be Still. Pray… this helps you become focused and ready to start your readings. Next up is Prayer she includes the bible passage if you would like to read more from where she got the daily prayer from. Listen where she gives you a daily bible reading where you will need your bible or bible app for this as it is not included in the booklet. She includes the first line or few words to get you started. The next part is What are we waiting for? is where she puts the reading into daily reflections and again this part just like the first booklet reminds me of when our Priest reflects on the readings. Act is a simple way to Act and put into your daily life the readings with a simple act that you can do. Pray  is the beginning and the end of each daily entry. This is a simple prayer you can use to end your bible time and one you could use throughout the day or at  the dinner table for the days blessings.

I think the set up of these prayer books are great and easy to do during your prayer/bible time each day. The set up makes it so you can take as long as you need for each day.

Sacred Reading For Advent and Christmas 2016 – 2017  as well as The Living Gospel Daily Devotions for Advent 2016 would be great gifts for a confirmation student, a RCIA candidate or Bible study group. The are affordable and would be a great way to make the season even that much more meaningful.

Thank you Ave Maria Press for sending me  Sacred Reading For Advent and Christmas 2016 – 2017  and The Living Gospel Daily Devotions for Advent 2016 . All thoughts are my own and not influence by the free books.