Red Girl Blue Boy

If Only Series #5

by Lauren Baratz Logsted

red girl blue boy


Red Girl Blue Boy is a sweet  clean romance that YA reading girls will enjoy. I enjoyed the characters and banter they had throughout the book. Although I will say I enjoyed the less uptight Katie to the beginning mini politician Katie. Drew was likable from the very beginning and always stayed true to himself. Drew was the kinda boy all the girls would want to be friends with. He was an honest boy and didn’t change who he was just to fit his mom’s presidential bid campaign.  The book was written with alternating view points every other chapter, it flowed well and didn’t mess you up while reading. Red Girl Blue Boy is perfect reading right now with all the politics and campaigning going on. I think this would be fine for middle school through high school. It is a clean sweet book that might not appeal to all high school aged YA readers but if they are looking for a fun fluffy chick lit book than this is for them. The If Only series is a perfect introduction to the fluffy  fun young chick lit is all about with out the  adult situations of course. I know many middle grade age girls have read these and while it might not be a book I’d gift to them they are innocent enough that you can feel OK with your middle school aged girl reading them as well. This one had a kissing scene and then they talked about kissing more  but that was as heavy as it got. All in all  I’d give  Red Girl Blue Boy 3 stars it was a fun light-hearted book to read.

summary: Sixteen-year-old Katie and Drew really shouldn’t get along. After all, her father is the Republican nominee for President of the United States while his mother is at the top of the Democratic ticket. But when Katie and Drew are thrown together in a joint interview on a morning talk show, they can’t ignore the chemistry between them. With an entire nation tuned into and taking sides in your parents’ fight, and the knowledge that–ultimately–someone has to lose, how can you fall in love with the one person you’re supposed to hate?