Restore My Soul

author & illustrator: Ann Margret  Hovsepian

Adult coloring books are all the thing now, they are fun and not just for adults many older elementary through high school kids enjoy them. I know I like them they are relaxing and a great way to wind down. Ann Hovsepian has combined coloring books with a devotional and created a wonderful way for people to create beautiful, frame-able quotes to have around the house and do devotions at the same time. 

The devotional page has a bible quote, which you can just read and reflect on or grab your bible and read the entire passage and reflect while coloring afterwards. After the quote she really dives into a real life application that makes the reflection time more meaningful.  She also includes an activity to do on the color pages besides coloring. The coloring pages are so pretty and different degree’s of coloring from faster and more simple coloring pages that you could finish in a day or two, to ones that might take quite a bit longer. You could use this as a day or weekly devotional. I think I will use it as a weekly that way I can take my time coloring and reflecting. That gives me 40 weeks of devotional time, giving me time to take a break for Lent and Advent devotionals. This would make a wonderful gift or group bible study. Not all quotes on the coloring pages are from the bible but they all go well with Restore My Soul. 

summary: Grab your colored pencils and get ready to refresh your spirit with this coloring book devotional journey!

For lovers of the Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest coloring books, Restore My Soul is a beautiful, interactive devotional designed to celebrate our unique creativity and connect us with the ultimate Creator. Find refreshment in short reflections on Scripture and be inspired as you color accompanying intricate illustrations created for meditation and prayer. Both contemplative and imaginative, Restore My Soul is the perfect space for the artist in us all.