by Carolyn Lee Adams





When Ruth is kidnapped, she’s determined not to become this serial-killer’s next trophy. After she’s able to escape, her captor begins stalking her through the wilderness.




Ruthless is one that I’ve had on my shelf for a while but hadn’t picked up till yesterday. I started to read and then I couldn’t stop. This was such a non stop action game of cat and mouse, that now I’m wondering what took me so long to read it!? If you are looking for a creepy fast read than grab a copy of Ruthless from your local library or bookstore.  Ruth aka: Ruthless is a very driven girl who show’s horses. She isn’t out to make lots of friends she is out to win. She has had to grow up fast with the family she has and that has shaped her into who she is now.  She doesn’t stop till she gets what she wants even if it means stepping on toes and sounding ruthless. She isn’t a popular girl and only has a few friends. Even they get the rough side treatment from Ruth from time to time. I really think she is scared to let people in, scared of getting hurt, but that just might be my thinking. Ruth’s world changes and her drive is what will help her in the end. She is kidnapped by a serial killer and she isn’t going down with out a fight. Her abductor has met his match. Ruthless  is not only character driven and told from Ruth’s point of view but also very plot driven. The whole book takes place in the time frame of her abduction. I never really got a sense of how long she was taken but I think it was at least a week maybe a little less but more than a day or two. The author does an excellent job at placing you in the cabin and woods. I could visualize what I was reading and felt like I was there or watching it on the screen. This by the way would make a great tv movie. What I liked most about Ruthless was Ruth. I know she was not such a nice girl but we really didn’t get to see that since this takes place only in the present. The author does give us flashback glimpses into the serial killer abductors life to get an understanding of how and why he is like that. For me it didn’t make me feel bad for him. He was a mean, cruel, twisted guy that preyed on little girls. So I didn’t really like those parts. I did find the short time leading up to him taking Ruth more relevant since it let you see how he stalked and gathered information on her. That part was very creepy, and made my skin crawl.  I think the flashbacks of him leading up to taking Ruth were important but everything else I could have done with out.  This is a YA but not one I’d let my middle grade reader read at this time. I really think the content is mature and for me a YA high school level read.